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Recruiting Employees  

Our recruiting team understands the importance of getting you properly staffed, on time, every time. Whether it's hundreds of employees at a single location, 24 hours a day, or simply a few employees to deal with an unexpected spike, we're there to keep you going.

Before Staff Line assigns employees to
your location, you can be comfortable
knowing they've passed our tests first.
From onsite drug screening and
background checks to job-specific
orientations- we do it all for you.
If they don't pass our tests, they don't
make it to your doorstep.
What is unique about our employee
education? We believe that anyone
can get a job, but not everyone
can keep that job.

Our comprehensive Education
Center brings out the best in our
employees. We train our onsite
managers in everything from safety
awareness to sexual harassment.
We're there for our employees with
language programs, and more,
because we believe that a better
educated employee makes for a
better employee, a better company,
and a better community.